SUDOTEX – Transnational Cooperation Network for the Textile Sector

The SUDOTEX project aims to address the need to boost the European southwestern textile sector regions through innovation and through the involvement of different actors linked to this sector: companies, associations, government agencies, scientific entities, training centers, etc.

Submitted to SUDOE Community program, the SUDOTEX partnership is coordinated by CITEVE and formed by other 4 entities – IPN Instituto Pedro Nunes (PT), FOMENTEX (ES), FITEX (ES) and FORTEX (FR) – that will have a mobilizing effect in European southwestern textile sector regions in order to convert these same regions in centers of excellence. The objective of this project is thus consolidate a network in southern Europe (Portugal, Spain and southern France), specifically geared to the textile sector, to develop activities that allow foster innovation and joint cooperation in these regions of southwestern Europe, materializing a Joint Action Plan for this sector.

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