To develop the Joint Action Plan, it were established some milestones of the project:

– Perform a detailed analysis of the actors operating in the sector *: their relations, functions and capabilities;
– To study the different mechanisms of support and different sources of funding available for R&D+I;
– Check the economic development initiatives, network cooperation activities and transfer of technology already existing in each country;
– Identify combined Training Plans between regions and strengthen entrepreneurship;
– Get best practices and recommendations with different industry experts;
– Enhance knowledge transfer between regions and R&D+I centers and businesses companies;

* It is being promoted in the 3 countries, a survey of socio-economic data of the sector provided by the know-how of the actors related to the industry of these regions, its technological capabilities and relationships with the environment.

Fill out this survey is simple and fast since the answers are, for the most part, multiple choice, and the confidentiality of all data is guaranteed. To those who participate will be subsequently submitted, first hand, the Joint Action Plan document.